NEW Camp Sumter Gun Club Membership (2021-2022)

New Camp Sumter Membership Requirements

  1. You have not been a member in the past two years, or you have tried to renew, and you are no longer in the Camp Sumter membership database.
  2. Pay the annual dues of $150 per year, including you and all family members living in your household. Only the actual member can vote on club issues.
  3. By joining, you acknowledge that the membership year runs from May 1 st to April 30th of each calendar year. We do not prorate membership dues.
  4. You must have a valid Georgia Weapons Carry License, or you must complete the Law Enforcement Verification and have it signed by your local sheriff’s office or police department.
  5. Complete the membership application.
  6. Read the range rules and bylaws.
  7. You agree to participate in the annual cleanup day.
  8. You agree not to bring guests more than twice per calendar year.
  9. You agree to supply your targets and target stands.
  10. You agree to clean up the range after using it and not leave targets and trash on the range.

Camp Sumter Sport Shooting Association provides a safe, family oriented, well-managed environment to teach and foster the safe handling, use and storing of firearms.


P.O.Box 47,
Andersonville, GA 31711



1295 Stubbs Road
Andersonville, GA 31711




Camp Sumter | NEW Camp Sumter Gun Club Membership (2021-2022)